Why Self Love Is Important

In order to start changing your life and improve yourself, it is important to love yourself first. When you have self love, only will you seek to better yourself. So what is self love and why is it so important?

Self love is unconditionally loving yourself, always accepting yourself for you who are and respecting yourself. You will love yourself not only when you achieve something big or fulfill your goals but also loving yourself through rough times and failures.

That is the meaning of self love and now onto 10 reasons why it is so important.

Embrace imperfections

You will accept flaws and understand that perfection is unattainable. You will be more accepting of something even when it is not of satisfaction.

Become more confident

When you accept that there will always be imperfections, you feel less insecure and that in return boosts confidence.

Don’t hold grudges

When you love yourself, you care less about others and you forgive them easily. It may not be that they deserve the forgiveness but because holding on to the grudges hurts your feelings.

Not easily influenced my others

Since you care less about others, you will not be easily influenced by their opinions or suggestions. You will go for what you really desire.

Prioritize yourself

Your feelings and health comes first and you will reject anything that is unfavourable because you care for yourself and your well-being, both mentally and physically.

Won’t feel guilty

By accepting yourself for who you are and putting yourself at priority, you will not feel guilty for any acceptances or rejections you make.

Boost motivation

You are more motivated when you love yourself because you know what you desire, you believe in yourself and have the excitement to go for it.

Think Positively

When you love yourself, you truly want yourself to be the happiest you can be and will only welcome positive vibes.

Less overwhelmed

With self acceptance, self priority, no grudges and guilt, you will feel less overwhelmed. When you are less stress, you have a clear vision of how you day will go.

True happiness

Encompassing all of the above, you will be truly happy. You will not feel any negativity inside and pretend to be happy to show that you are fine. You will be happy both in and out.

So those are the reasons why self love is so important and is the main stepping stone to self change and self improvement. Start loving yourself and if you already have self love, continue to always love yourself.

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