How To Feel Less Overwhelmed

Feeling less overwhelmed is one of the important reasons why we should have self love but sometimes our mind can get submerged by thoughts about all of life’s problems, from happenings, expectations, responsibilities, at this moment, to those in the long term.

When we are feeling overwhelmed, we get stuck. We feel that so much is going on in our plate until we don’t know what to tackle first and which direction to take.That’s when we begin to hate life and hate ourselves.

So how do we feel less overwhelmed to keep the self love going?

Do your best

Accept this is what you can do, how much you can do, this is where you are at now and that you have done your best.


Being grateful and appreciating the good trains the mind to be more positive. With a positive mindset, we will be more motivated to keep moving forward.


Create to do lists and hourly schedules with specific times set not only for work but also for self care. Set boundaries and do not cramp everything into one long to do list.


Do one task at a time and do the most important task first. It is fine if those that can be completed another day isn’t done.

Focus on right now

Focus on the present moment and what you are doing right now. Do not keep checking your to do list and think about all the other things to be done.

Take regular breaks

Taking breaks doesn’t mean procrastinating. A short break away from what you are doing calms down the mind, allowing you to focus better and be more productive later.

Be mindful

When you are really feeling overwhelmed, accept the fact at how you are feeling and stop pushing yourself beyond your limits.

So those are some ways on how we can feel less overwhelmed, to prevent our minds from submerging into deep thoughts and keep the self love going with full of hearts for ourselves.

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