Why Self Care Is Important

Self love is fundamental for self change and self improvement but for it to keep going, we need to practice self care. Alongside implementing changes and improvements for ourselves, we must also care for our well-being.

So why is self care important?

Helps us to be the best version of ourselves

When our needs are met and we are being good towards ourselves, we will feel positive and have confidence.

Love ourselves wholly

We may already be loving ourselves but with the confidence and positive feeling, we will love ourselves even more.

Sustain ourselves

We cannot keep pushing ourselves and expect to not get overwhelmed. We need self care to not get into a rut and prevent burnout.

Have energy

With self care, we will be physically stronger, have the motivation to keep going and stay consistent.

Focus better

Self care will keep our mind alert and well focused, giving us the motivation and prevent mental burnout.

So those are a few reasons why practicing self care is important. Together with self love, we will be able to have a more effective self change and self improvement.

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