How To Prioritise Self Care

Practicing self care is important not only to keep up with self love and self improvement, but also for our daily motivation. However, sometimes we get too engrossed into the never ending busyness that we forget to make time for self care.

So how do we prioritise self care and make time for it?

Make it a habit

Make self care a habit by incorporating it into our daily routine, either morning or night, and we will be more likely to do it as we go through the routine.

Make it non negotiable 

To make self care a priority, it should be non negotiable, with no excuses to be lazy or make it a sacrifice for something else.

Clock out

Our to do list will always be never ending, so we need to set time when we will clock out from that to do list and clock in self care.


Besides planning our daily tasks, we should also plan time for self care, especially on busy days, to ensure we don’t forget to make time for our well being.

Be aware

We should be mindful of how we are feeling, both mentally and physically, being aware of any signs that calls for the need of self care.

So those are some ways on how we can prioritise self care to keep the self love going, have the determination for self improvement and not fall into the demotivated slump.

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