How To Build Self Discipline

We need self love to start changing our life and improve ourselves but whether those self improvements continues long term, it depends on self discipline.

There will be times when we don’t want to do that something we need to do or don’t feel like doing it. That’s when self discipline comes in and we still get that thing done without any excuses or procrastination.

So how can we build self discipline?

Start small

As with any other changes or skills, we can’t expect ourselves to master anything overnight. Start small by not procrastinating on a habit or task, gradually building up with more habits and tasks.

Be committed 

Just like other changes and skills, we need to be committed to master something. Once a habit or task is successfully done without any procrastination, it must always be done without procrastinating. 

Don’t stress

Although we have to be committed and consistent, don’t stress when procrastination strikes. Stress will trigger a lack of self control and cause us to fall back to square one.


To prevent procrastination, have an hourly planner with all the tasks and habits planned at specific times of the day.


To keep the commitment going, we should reflect on our progress every few days. Have a journal or notebook, with the goals, accomplishments and current level of discipline all written down.

Since self improvements take time to become in control, it is easy to quickly lose the control and fall back to our old ways. So those are a few ways on how we can build self discipline, to not lose the control and to make our self improvements stay.

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