How To Break Bad Habits

We all have bad habits we want to stop doing, that we may hate about ourselves and the only way to ignite our self love even more is to quit them.

But how can we begin this breaking bad habits path of self improvement?

Replace it

Breaking bad habits isn’t just stopping the habit. To prevent ourselves from doing the bad habit, we need a good habit to substitute it. By having a new good habit, our thoughts and temptations for the bad habit will be reduced since our mind will be focused on the good habit.

Remove triggers

Other than our minds, certain situations and things may also trigger temptations for the bad habit. So while the new good habit is being built up, stay away from anything that will trigger temptations for the bad habit.

Record the progress

As we try to transition from the bad to good habit, we need to constantly remind ourselves to do the good habit and not the bad one. Rather than just making a mental note which we may forget, have a journal with the progress written down that serves not only as a reminder to do the good habit but also have a gauge of how well we are doing in ridding the bad and doing the good.

Don’t stress

Since building habits takes time, sometimes we may unknowingly go back to the bad habit. When that happens, acknowledge it and move on. Don’t stress about it as pressure will cause a lack of self control, trigger temptations for the bad habit and ruined all the effort to build the good habit.

Be patient

There may be a few bad habits we want to break and replace with good habits, but don’t become overwhelmed by working on all at once. Start with one habit and add on the next habit only after getting the hang on the current one. Take all the time needed and do not rush.

Whether it is for a healthier lifestyle or to up on confidence, whatever the reason, those are some ways on how we can break bad habits. So let’s start improving ourselves and loving ourselves even more by keeping our bad habits at bay.

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