Why Journaling Is A Powerful Tool

Journaling is actually a powerful tool that can help us work through different aspects of our life, which I have mentioned as a way to break bad habits and to build self discipline.

So what are the benefits of journaling that makes it such a powerful tool?

Clears our mind

As we pen down the words into paragraphs, we are clearing all the thoughts that have been rummaging in our mind, be it positive or negative, happy moments or not so pleasant moments.

Have a clear view of our goals

Our paragraphs of words in the journal can also include our goals and achievements. With these written in, we will have a visual form of what we want to accomplish. Other than the traditional way of journaling, we can also include pictures, like a vision board or scrapbook.

Stay organised

Journaling can be a form of planning as well, by including our to do list and anything important that we must not forget. With the tasks and reminders written down, we will have higher productivity since we are not spending time trying to recall them which might cause us to become overwhelmed if we can’t recall something.

Boosts motivation

With a clear mind, visual view of our goals and a list of what’s to be done, we will have an increased motivation to tackle our todos and work towards our goals as our focus and energy can be placed on them.

Get inspired

Sometimes we can go into a creative block or simply have no solutions no matter how hard we try to think. This can be resolved with a clear mind. When we are journaling, sudden inspirations can pop up as we dig deep into our minds for the hidden thoughts.

So those are a few benefits of journaling, a powerful form of self care, to help us cope with struggles, understand what our priorities are and not get submerged by all of these thoughts rummaging in our mind. With the mental and emotional clarity, it will ignite our self love even more as we get a better outlook towards life.

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