How To Not Feel Easily Tired

Do you get up in the morning, unmotivated to do anything because you’re still feeling tired? Do you start to feel tired although you have only done so little and are only a few hours into the day?

Are you are always questioning yourself and are always wondering how to stop feeling tired all the time. So how can we not feel easily tired?

Have a good night’s sleep

I have previously written about the importance of having a good night’s sleep, which includes a physical benefit of having more energy. To have a good night’s sleep, we need to have an early night and go to bed at the same time everyday, which were mentioned in another post on tips for a great sleep.

Drink up

Being even mildly dehydrated can cause fatigue, so we must be drinking water a few times throughout the day to always stay hydrated. When we start to feel signs of tiredness, it may be that we have not been drinking water and have started to dehydrate.

Proper posture

There are several reasons why sitting and standing up straight are important. One of them is reducing fatigue. When we slouch, our muscles are working harder than they are supposed to, using more energy. So with proper posture, less energy is used which will stop us from feeling tired.

Be active

Long periods of being in sedentary will make us feel tired as our bodies need movement to stay alert. Being active doesn’t have to be working out at the gym or playing a sport, just doing household chores or a walk around the vicinity is good enough.

Minimise lazing

As mentioned above, our bodies need movement, so the long period of stillness in lazing will make our body go into sleep mode and may cause us to fall asleep. If we end up falling asleep, it not only messes up with our night time sleep, we may also result in oversleeping.

So those are a few ways on how we can stop feeling tired easily or all the time, improve ourselves towards a healthier lifestyle. full of motivation and energy to get through the day.

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