How Music Affects Mood

One morning, I got up feeling all sorts of negative emotions, anxious, upset and also angry. When I went out, I decided to bring my earbuds which I’ve not used for quite some time as I’ve not been into listening to music.

I had the earbuds in my ears when I was on the transport, at the cafe and even while I was walking. When I got home, I continued to have music playing without the earbuds and even played a dancing game for the music.

Afterwards I realised my mood had completely changed. I felt calm and uplifted. Music is indeed a great form of therapy but how does it affect our mood?

Change our thoughts

As the words of the song gets into our ears, whatever is on our mind can change. We may be thinking about something which will be replaced by the lyrics. So if it was a negative thought, we will not be thinking about it anymore, thus improving our mood.

Refocus our attention

As we work on a task, our mind may get distracted by something that will cause us to become unmotivated. When our thoughts gets replaced by the lyrics of the song, our attention is refocused, since we will no longer be focusing on those thoughts, bringing us back from the distraction and upping our motivation.

Makes us move

As mentioned before in a few other posts, our bodies need movement. Long periods of stillness can cause us to lose motivation and become overwhelmed, forming negativity. One way to get moving is music, which has the power to make us want to get into the grove and start dancing.

So those are how music can affect our mood, in a therapeutic way. Since it can help with letting go of negative thoughts, getting motivated and making us move, it is also a form of self care, giving us both mental and physical benefits.

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