How To Cope With Cooping Up At Home

During this period with the world being in a pandemic, most of us are cooped up at home. There was one day when I had an emotional breakdown. Despite having written a post on how to not feel easily tired, I was feeling tired all the time and I kept having headaches.

After I had calmed down, I reflected and realised my routine was messed up. Since I’m home all day, I have a whirlpool of time and I began my day by sleeping in. For the rest of the day, I kept lazing on the couch or bed and most times I fell asleep, which results in oversleeping.

Staying home doesn’t have to mean lazing all day and having a messed up routine. There are ways to keep our body clock on track. So how can we cope with being cooped up at home?

Have a good night’s sleep

I have previously written about the importance of having a good night’s sleep. Even when staying home, having a good night’s sleep is equally important, to boost energy and reduce fatigue, which I have mentioned in the post on how to not feel easily tired.

Create new routines

Our regular routine will definitely be disrupted but we can create new ones. With routines, the day will already have some structure, instead of having to always crack our brains for something to do and in the process procrastinate by lazing.

Stay occupied

Try as much as possible to always be doing something, either by expanding the to do list or it can even be playing games. By staying occupied, it reduces the tendency to laze and have our mind wander, causing boredom.

Sit at a desk

Lazing can sometimes trigger us to fall asleep like what I’ve experienced. By sitting at a desk, even when playing games or watching shows, it prevents our body from feeling relax and going into sleep mode.

Get some movement

Since our bodies need movement to stay alert, we can’t be seated for long periods even when at a desk. Movement doesn’t only have to be working out. Doing household chores is also a form of movement while being productive, or for an enjoyable time, play some music and dance away.

With a boost of energy, a structured and an occupied day, it will be easier to cope with being cooped up at home. There will be something to do and we will have the motivation to do them instead of leaning towards lazing with nothing to do. By making our time at home easy to pass and manageable, we are actually practicing self care as well, not only mentally and emotionally, but also physically.

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